Become an Irresistible Artist with a waitlist of dream clients. 

Six Figure Creator is a proven feminine,  intuitive booking system that will help you attract high-paying clients, build a thriving business, and find financial freedom—while living a life you love. 


You imagined a life where you can book a flight to St John at a moment’s notice. Where you never have to miss your kid’s soccer game because of work. Where you can say yes to that weekend getaway because your schedule and bank account allows it.

You started your business full of fire, passion, and a vision of financial freedom.  


But over time, that vision got blurry. You started doubting yourself and losing sight of your strategy.


Now you’re overworking, undercharging, and running your business from a place of fear, wondering if you can make ends meet this month. 

You’re putting in countless hours and energy with next to no results. And as that dream of margaritas on a Caribbean beach slips further and further, you find yourself questioning: is it really possible to be a successful entrepreneur? 

I’m here to tell you I’ve been there. 

Say goodbye to overworked, overwhelmed, and underpaid.

Raise your hand if what you really want is a…

  • Business that aligns with your vision and lights up your passion 
  • Consistent stream of income that weathers any storm 
  • Repeatable booking system that attracts your dream customers with ease
  • Schedule that supports your lifestyle and what matters most to you

Then I discovered a system that took me from near bankruptcy to a $250K+ salary—working just 4 to 6 hours per week. Seriously. 

The system worked so well, I knew I had to share it. I designed Six Figure Creator for creative entrepreneurs like you who want a plug-and-play booking system that builds a thriving, profitable business. 

Wanting all of the above with absolutely no idea how to get it.


It offers proven strategies and systems for drawing in the right clients, closing sales effortlessly, and nurturing relationships for long-term success. 

Our unique method is a proprietary blend of simple numbers, easy-to-build funnels, and no-nonsense systems that craft a clear path from the client to the sale. It’s everything that creative entrepreneurs typically despise (I see you!), channeled into a fluff-free, repeatable formula. 

Six Figure Creator is a 6 month program for creative entrepreneurs ready for ease and abundance. 

  • Identify your ideal client and craft a message that resonates with them 
  • Price your services to reflect your unmatched value 
  • Implement systems that boost profit and reduce workload 
  • Automate your sales process so you can spend more time on the work you love 


Whether you’re a photographer, musician, reiki healer, designer, or florist, this program is designed for any creative entrepreneur who wants to turn their undeniable talent into a business that’s actually FUN to run.

Ready to swap burnout and doubt for balance and dollars? 


Without it, you stay stuck in the gut-wrenching feast-or-famine cycle. You’re either buried in busy work or anxiously waiting for the next inquiry to magically appear in your inbox. 
Without it, you stay stuck in the gut-wrenching feast-or-famine cycle. You’re either buried in busy work or anxiously waiting for the next inquiry to magically appear in your inbox. 

Crafting a repeatable sales system that draws in your ideal clients is like a recipe for business success. 


With the tools in this feminine, soul-aligned booking system, you can focus on doing what you love — creating and delivering your irresistible products or services — without worrying about where the next client will come from.

You’ll build a stronger foundation in your business, so you can develop the confidence needed to show up fully present, passionate, and energized in your work.

Six Figure Creator is a comprehensive coaching program that teaches you how to break free from the cycle and cultivate a reliable, steady flow of clients. 

Consistently booking out with your dream clients and having peace of mind with your schedule and income!

Attracts your IDEAL CLIENTS effortlessly

Price your work with CONFIDENCE based on your unique financial needs and goals 

Convert browsers into BUYERS by building relationships and trust

Establish a reliable WORKFLOW that fits with your lifestyle and eliminates any guesswork

Achieve your GOALS and protect your TIME so you can enjoy life with friends and family

Say goodbye to the overworked and underpaid life and step into one of ease, passion, and FINANCIAL STABILITY


Six Figure Creator will show you how to:

This program isn't just another sales strategy. It's a proven system that's specifically designed to work for creative entrepreneurs like you. It’s the exact formula that took me from near bankruptcy to $250K+ each year, now working less than 6 hours a week on that business. 

It's not about becoming a master at sales. It's about building a sustainable business that let’s you do what you love and live how you want. 


Let's create the recipe for success in your business!

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“Since starting the course I have a much better plan laid out for booking clients, and have booked 3 weddings within two weeks applying the strategies taught.”



“I’ve analyzed my numbers before, but I’ve always found the process overwhelming. Elizabeth’s guidance was incredibly helpful + simple for focusing on the numbers that matter most." 



“It turns out, there’s an actual, numerical way of figuring out if you are pricing yourself correctly. It was really eye opening for me..”



That’s me in a nutshell! I’m Elizabeth, and I’m obsessed with the beauty of parenthood, capturing weddings around the globe, and teaching entrepreneurs to build successful, profitable brands doing what they love. 

My 18 years of creative entrepreneurship have been anything but boring. I found my bank account near empty, suffering from total burnout, and compromising time with family and friends in the most challenging season with a newborn. 

And now? Well, today I run a highly successful creative business making over $250K each year, working 4 to 6 hours a week, and pinching myself every day that my dream business became my real life. 

My goal is to help as many creatives as possible reach that same *pinch me* moment. I’ve worked with thousands of photographers, artists, musicians, and designers to bring their businesses into alignment, reduce the overwhelm, and spend the majority of their days doing what they love. 

As an intuitive business coach, I’m here to guide you through a new way of doing business—one that’s all about ease, playfulness, peace of mind, and self-trust. 

Mama, artist, wedding photographer, wife, HD Generator, and enneagram 9.  

hey! I'm Elizabeth


Investing in yourself can be scary, and the voice in your head may be telling you to stay small and avoid taking risks. Society has conditioned us to believe that being a creative means being a "starving artist”. But why let those beliefs hold you back from making an impact in the world?

Your ideal clients are out there, ready to book you and pay for the unique value that only you can offer. But until you up your game and create a repeatable sales process, they'll keep scrolling by and most likely settle for someone else.

You have the ability to attract an abundance of dream clients who are looking for your unique brand of creativity. Don't hold back because of fear. Think about the future version of yourself—the one who has everything you imagined when you first launched your business (remember St John?).

Would future you regret investing in yourself and your business?

On the fence? I get it.


You have the opportunity to become the "Irresistible Artist." It's yours for the taking.